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The Eureka Stockade. Mrs. L. F. Cavanagh (Wynnum) writes: Sir, In to-day's " Courier " appears a short paragraph relative to the above; also a lady resident of Sandgate is mentioned as a survivor of those stirring times. I would like to mention that I, too, am an old " Stockader," and numerous thrilling incidents are indelibly stamped on my memory. I was taken to the Ballarat fields nearly two years before the memorable riot, and we also had to seek refuge in the compound, which mostly was occupied by the women and children. My aged mother died only last year, and until then possessed a flattened bullet, which rang out one night, and whizzed between us as we stood together just at the sound of the "all lights out" gave us the usual warning;, and if not promptly obeyed a hail of bullets from Soldier's Hill would tear through and terrify the "camp." We extracted the bullet mentioned from an adjacent log and retained it as a sort of curio relic of a very sensational era, and of that frightful tragedy on the Eureka on a Sunday's dawn in 1854. I often think, sir, that if the remaining few of us old " Stockaders " I could arrange a meeting, and compare reminiscences, we could spend a very interesting hour or two. [1]

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