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Mary Hannah (Hannah) Searl married William Emerson in 1853.[1]


Eureka Stockade Memory.
Death of an Eye-Witness.
Another of the comparatively few remaining eye-witnesses of the stirring scenes of the historic Eureka Stockade, of 1854, passed away on Saturday last, when Mrs. Hannah Emerson, relict of the late Mr William Emerson died at the home of her son-in-law, Dr. J . B. Donaldson, at Linton, Victoria. The deceased lady would have attained her 81st birthday, had she lived till to-day. She retained her mental faculties to a remarkable degree up till the time of her death, and much of the late information supplied to the Victorian Press regarding Peter Lalor's gallant stand, came from the late Mrs. Emerson's lips. The deceased lady was one of the kindliest of souls. Her charitableness knew no hounds; her charity was limited only by her means,- and in the course of her long and eventful life she had gathered around her an innumer able circle of friends. She leaves seven sons and daughters. Two of her sons are resident in Melbourne, three of her daughters are living in Victoria, oe' son is in Tasmania, and the remaining son, Mr. E. S. Emerson, editor of Australia's latest magazine, "The Big Aus," is living in-Brisbane.[2]

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