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Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Post 1854 Experiences

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A CROSSOVER RELIC. A MEMENTO OF THE EUREKA STOCKADE. (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTS) It is not often, particularly in the wilds of Gippsland, that a colonial historical relic is to be met with and could it but speak, many. are the pitiful tales that the relic to which I refer could unfold. During my rambles last week I was shown a miner's pick-at present in the possession of Mr. James Caddy, of Cross over-that was in practical use at the Eureka Stockade, at Ballarat, in the early days of golddigging. There is a sad history attached to this identical miner's pick, and if space will permit me I shall briefly give a few particulars relative to the same. As is always the case on gold fields there is, amongst other trade establishments, a blacksmith's shop. The owner of this forge was, as usual, following his labori calling, and it was supposed that he was effecting some repairs to this particular pick, or perhaps pointing it for some anxious golddigger, when, unfortunately, the poor blacksmith was attracted by some particular noise, or disturbance, out side his shop, went outside to see what was up, with the pick in his hand, and had no sooner done so than-and to relate-he received a bullet, discharged by someone, right fair in the back of his neck. As a matter of course, he dropped down on his left knee to the ground, the point of the pick sticking in the ground, and the end of the handle also. The poor fellow supported himself in this half kneeling position for a few moments until he was removed to die a martyr with many others in defence of a just cause. Mr. James Caddy being an old Ballarat resident, obtained this relic from his father, who was on the Eureka during the unfortunate disturbance, and no doubt prizes it very much as a memento of olden times to awaken his memory of times long gone by, and of the many old pioneers who first laid time foundation of our now prosperous Victoria, which was brought into prominence by our gold discoverers.[1]

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