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"Treason Trial Map", PROV, VPRS5527

Historian and archivist Di Gardner talks about the Eureka Treason Trial Map.

She says that "Public Record Office Victoria contains the official story of events that led up to the Eureka Stockade. That official story is contained in letters, depositions, witness statements, and maps produced for court cases that dotted the time at Ballarat, court cases included for the murder of James Scobie, for the burning of Bentleys Eureka Hotel, and for treason trials that took place after the stockade battle itself.

Public Record Office Victoria has all of the key documents from the trial of the prisoners after the Eureka Stockade uprising. This map here is the key piece of evidence that was drawn soon after the uprising. It's a beautiful piece of cartography, but more importantly, it actually states where the stockade was, and there's an enlargement of the stockade here, where the miners had put up tents. And as you can see, it's very flimsy, just a few bits of wood crossed. You can see why a number of the miners were easily shot and killed.

The actual location though has been lost over time, which seems amazing when you have a map. But it's a map drawn from memory. It's a map drawn in the heat of the emotions, all sorts of things. So it was very significant in the court case and has been very significant since as people tried to find the exact location of the Eureka Stockade."

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