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Charles Joseph La Trobe - study by Sir Francis Grant. This portrait of La Trobe was subscribed for by the colonists of Victoria in 1855. It hangs in the Melbourne Town Hall Melbourne. Two less finished versions were also made by the artist for the family. This version was done for La Trobe himself and remained in the family until it was donated to the State Library of Victoria in 1954. State Library of Victoria Collection (H92.360/162)

Hello Grade 6!!

Your task is to learn about British influences on government and law during the Eureka Affair.

Your first assignment is to identify the people involved in the government at the time of Eureka.

HINT: The Governors of the Colony of Victoria were Charles Hotham and Charles La Trobe.

Charles Joseph La Trobe

When the licence hunts were on and the diggers were being chased, there were cries of Joe! Joe! to warn their mates that the police were coming to search for those gold miners without licences. The cries of Joe! Joe! referred to Charles Joseph La Trobe. (Joe is a nickname or short for Joseph.)

Peter Lalor

Peter Lalor was one of the leaders of the Ballarat Reform League.

What were the main demands of the Ballarat Reform League? Why was it formed?

Peter Lalor became a Member of Parliament. What country did he come from? How did he get to Australia?

Follow the link to find Peter Lalor in the Eurekapedia Wiki and read to find out more about him.

John Basson Humffray

John Basson Humffray was a peacemaker. Humffray also became a Member of Parliament. Follow the link to find J.B. Humffray in the Eurekapedia Wiki and read to find out more about him.

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