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Eureka Veterans at the 50th Anniversary of the Eureka Stockade, James Lang (Bangerang), W. Hanrahan (Timor), William Braidi (Sebastopol), John Earles (Ballarat), Francis Ackroyd (Shepparton), Michael Carroll (Ballarat), J. Mitchell (Albert Park), W. Wiburd (Bathurst, NSW) The Leader, 10 December 2014


Francis Ackroyd married Mary Walker in 1846 at Halifax, England.[1]

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Ackroyd (Ackeroyd) was a miner who was inside the Eureka Stockade when the battle occurred on 3 December 1854. He was one of the pioneers who celebrated the 50th anniversary of Eureka in 1904. At that time he was living in Shepparton. [2]

Post 1854 Experiences


LUKE - ACKROYD - On the 13th June, at St. Peter's Church, Ballarat, William Jenkin Luke, to Harriett Bates Ackroyd, daughter of Mr. Francis Wood Ackroyd, of Pleasant street.[3]


Unearthed while Geoffrey Fordyce, 12, was digging in his father's garden in Pleasant-street, Ballarat, an old lemonade bottle sealed at the top and embedded in mortar was found to contain two miners' rights issued to Francis Ackroyd and William Whitehead, respectvely, in Ballarat, on September 8, 1856 The documents are printed on parchment and are signed by B. Smith. They were Issued at a cost of £1. On the back of one of them is a declaration written in large and clear handwriting stating that, 'This house was erected by Francis Wood Ackroyd, Mrs. Ackroyd and William Whitehead both of Koh-i-Noor Gold Mining Company of Ballarat.' The name of a builder and architect, Charles C. Fewster, is mention ed, and the statement continues, 'The first stone was laid by Mrs. Ackroyd this 30th day of January. 1865 ' Old identities in Ballarat who have been connected with minng In the early days believe that these two rights are probably the oldest In the district. The Koh-l-Noor mine was situated in the Redan district and was one ol the most successful companies that operated In Ballarat. Folded up with the rights and ap parently squeezed into the bottle with a great deal of difficulty were two copies of old Ballarat newspapers the 'Evening Post' (Saturday, January 28, 1865), and the 'Sun' (Monday January 30, 1865). Geoffrey's father, who is headmaster at the Ballarat High School, intends to hand the relic to tbe local historical society or museum.[4]

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