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Eureka Stockade by Beryl Ireland, c1995. State Library of Victoria (H141890)
This work is an over-painted photographic print, photographed by an unknown photographer from the painted canvas by Izett Watson and Thaddeus Welch, which was exhibited as a painted cyclorama in the 'Battle of Waterloo' Cyclorama building, Fitzroy, ca. 1891. This is based on the evidence that the pulleys and brick wall are discernible at the top edge of the image which B. Ireland has not over-painted.

Eyewitnesses to the Burning of the Eureka Hotel

Andrew Knight - Charles Knight - R. Longstaff

Eyewitnesses to the Bakery Hill Meetings

William Gay - Fr Patrick Smyth - James Stewart - Elizabeth Vickers

Eyewitnesses to the Eureka Stockade

William Avent - George Blake - Emma Browning - Raffaello Carboni - Michael Carey - William Chisholm - Denis Condon - Michael V. Cunningham - William Fitchett - James Forsyth - John Haig - Henry Josephs - Gordon Jukes - Charles Knight - S.J. Lawrence - Hyman Levinson - Andrew Knight - Alfred Madocks - M.F. Neylon - Ann Perkins - George Redman - Mary Rowlands - Walter Ryley - Alfred Sagar - Daniel Selman - T.E.R. Selpe - Fr Patrick Smyth - William Guthrie Spence - Michael Walsh - Josiah Wasley - Mary Wasley - James Wells - R.G. Wood

Present at the Battle Aftermath

Robert Nicholls

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