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Cosman Behrands was from Sweden.

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Cosman Behrands was shot and murdered by John Clarke at the Albion Hotel, Eureka, in 1854.


John Clarke was indicted for the wilful murder of Cosman Behrends, on the 16th of August at Ballarat. The Solicitor-General opened the case, and called, Joseph Hoare, barman at the Albion Hotel, Ballarat, deposed, that he did not remember seeing the prisoner at the bar, in the above hotel, on the 16th August. Peter Edwards, deposed, that he was in the parlor of the Albion Hotel, Eureka diggings. on the 10th of last August; the prisoner and six or seven other persons were also in the same room; the prisoner was playing cards along with witness and two others. Winkler and witness were playing against Brown and Clarke at a game called " Euka." in the second game Brown did not follow suit, and Winkler remonstrated about it; the prisoner had a Colt's revolver by his side, he took out this revolver, and passing it before Brown's face, proclaimed. "the first man that interferes with me, shall have this," he then challenged Brown to play for £1 ; Brown said that Clarke would not have a single game without having a row about it; he immediately jumped over the table towards Brown, saying, if he wanted a row he should have one; he then tapped Brown, with his hand on the breast, when Brown said his chest was as sound as Clarke's; Winkler observed that the man who could not play at cards without cheating was no,= man at all; the prisoner said, if you say that again, I'll slap your face; Winkler rose up and said, "will you?" when a pistol was immediately discharged: cannot say who discharged it, as he was behind the prisoner, ...[1]

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