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Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Post 1854 Experiences


One by one the early pioneers of the Logan are fast passing over to the Great Divide, and this week we have, to chronlcle the death of Charles Wilson, who was one of those who selected at Waterford in 1863. Wilson's original selection was the ground on which part of the Waterford railway station now stands. Just about where the railway road gates are stood the barn, and fifty yards further down, his residence. In this barn was opened the first school on this side of the Logan River 1868 to 1870, under Mr. Fraser, pending the erection of the present State school in the Township (1870). Many of our readers will remember those, school days. The late Mr. Wilson was married to a daughter of the late Lachlan Chislom — who selected a farm one remove further on, and Mr. Wilson's marriage was probably the first among those bachelor new comers of 1864. Before coming to this Colony the deceased had migrated to Victoria in about the year 1845, and took part in many of the gold rushes in that colony with a great deal of success. In 1859 [sic] he was in the unfortunate Eureka Stockade episode, and from a stray bullet was injured in the left arm. At about 1873 he sold his Waterford ground to the Iate Mr. Schneider and selected at Gramzow, where he erected a sugar mill, crushing in the 1873 and '74 seasons. This was sold to local farmers, and is still going strong. In 1875 he went to the city and resided there up to the time of his death (February 1st). The late Mr. Wilson was born in Paisley, Scotland, in the year 1824, and was therefore in his 94th year. He is survived by two daughters and three sons— two of the latter being on active service ; two are natives of Waterford, one of Gramzow, and two of Brisbane. The Gramzow boy is now Brigadier-General in charge with the first Queensland mounted men for Egypt, as lieutenant— a distinction previously won in the Boer War. For ser-vices at Gallipoli he received further promo-tion and obtained the D.S.O., and upon the death of Colonel Hubert Harris, took charge. He had charge of the right flank on the occasion of the evacuation of the Peninsula, and received the C.M.G. deco-ration for his work. Since then he has been right through the operations in Sinai and Palestine, and for work there received the Croix de Guerre from the French Govern-ment, and has lately been promoted to Brigadier - General. The youngest son (Robert) is a gunner on the French Front with the Queensland section.[1]

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  1. The Beaudesert Desert, 22 Feruary 1918.

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