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Catherine Daw was born in Devonshire, England to William Daw and Jane Luscbe.[1]She married Charles Edward David at Brown Hill when she was 18. Her first children were triplets born on the site of the Gong Gong Reservoir. Two of the children survived.<ref<Weekly Times, 12 July 1950.</ref>


A woman who, as a child, heard the shots at Eureka, has died at the Queen Elizabeth Benevolent Home in Ballarat. She was Mrs Catherine Davis, aged 101, the oldest inhabitant of Ballarat. She emigrated from Devonshire at the age of three with her parents, and went to live at Ballarat on the tented goldfields. She married Charles Edward Davis, a young Englishman, at Brown Hill, near Ballarat, when she was 18. Her first three children were triplets, born on the site of the Gong Gong, where the city service reservoir is now located. Two of the children survived, and were present at the celebration of her centenary in 1948.<ref<Weekly Times, 12 July 1950.</ref>

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