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Ballarat Star", 15 December 1863.


Carl Frederick Reinhardt was born at John Reinhardt and Catherine Meck. Carl died in 1876 aged 75.[1]

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

According to family tradition Carl Reinhardt participated in the Eureka Stockade. Although his name is not listed in any official records, he assisted in raising the Eureka "Southern Cross" flag. He was nicknamed "the General" or "the Broomstick General" because he tried to give the miners in the stockade some form of military training and discipline. According to the family story he was one of the few in the Eureka Stockade when the soldiers attacked. He was wounded, but like many others escaped into the bush and escaped.[2]

Post 1854 Experiences

In 1863 the Reinhardt family was living at Dead Horse Gully (later Invermay), although Carl Reinhardt may have been travelling as a mining speculator during this time.

Carl Reinhardt registered the Eagle Hawk Quartz Mining Company in July 1862. The place of operations was the head of California Gully, No. 2 District of Ballarat.[3]

By 1862 Carl Reinhardt was listed as being of Bullarook. He made applicaition to register the Jupitor Gold Mining Company with the place of operation by Rocky Lead, Bullarook (Rocklyn).[4]

A numerously attended meeting of the miners of Rocky Lead, Bullarook, was held on Friday evening at the Rocky Lead Hotel, for the purpose of con-sidering what steps ought to be taken to prevent the sale of auriferous land. Mr C. Reinhardt took the chair at half-past seven, when the place was crowded. The following resolutions were passed:-1. That the opinion of this meeting is that the sale of land which is very likely highly auriferous and situated east and north of Birch's pre-emptive right will prove injurious to the mining community . 2. That a deputation be appointed to wait on the Mining Board with a memorial from the miners of Rocky Lead, praying the board to use the best means in its power to procure the withdrawal of this land from sale. A vote of thanks and three cheers were given to the chairman, and the meeting dissolved.[5]


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