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A meeting of the Ballarat Reform League was organised for 2pm on 03 December 1854 at the Adelphi Hotel. The intention was to elect a Central Committee, and that each 40 members would have the power to elect one member for the Central Committee. [1]

In the News

Edward Cantor, Ballarat - Insolvent had been a butcher, and had contracted about £1400 debts. He paid the whole of these debts, however, prior to the 1st January, 1863. He then took the Adelphi, otherwise known as the Charlie Napier Hotel, in the Main Road, and when Edwards gave up the theatre, which is attached to the premises, insolvent opened it. Commenced on the 1st April. Lost £50 the first week. Was sold off in July under a bill of sale held by Mr Lewis, solicitor, for £260. Gave the bill of sale before opening the theatre. Lewis advanced the money to open it. The landlord took what property remained after the bill of sale was satisfied. Mr Dyte was landlord. The rent of the hotel was £8 per week, with the theatre £15. Up to the time the insolvent took the theatre, the hotel had paid. Insolvent had £260 of his own when he took the hotel. Had no money when he took the theatre. No account bad been rendered by insolvent of the amount realised under the bill of sale. Dyte, the landlord, sold the goods on his own account and Lewis. Witness had never asked Dyte for an account sales. Dyte would not allow Lewis to sell to satisfy the bill of sale until his own account was satisfied. The insolvent was ordered to file a supplementary schedule setting forth all his proceedings since he entered the Adelphi Hotel, together with all debts due to him upon the butchering business. The meeting was then adjourned to the 8th October. [2]

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